Lysefjorden Rundt

Demanding Hike – 116 km – 6 days

The best way to go around the Lysefjord is to go counterclockwise from Forsand (Vinddalen) to the grand final on the Pulpit Rock. The tour takes you through wonderful trails and past iconic places such as the Flørli Stairs (4444 steps), Kjerag and Pulpit Rock.

Interest in long hut-to-hut tours in Norwegian mountains and fjords is increasing. Take a SignaTUR and experience the most beautiful mountain areas and hiking routes in Ryfylkeheiene. The Lysefjord around takes you on fantastic trails and past the three big icons Flørlitrappene, Kjerag and Pulpit Rock. The best way to go around the fjord is to start on the south side of the Lysefjord and end up with the grand final on the Pulpit Rock!

Day 1

Vinddalen – Flørli

Slightly ascending through gorges and valleys in pine forests and along an old construction road the trail leads to the highlands above the tree line. Then the road goes down again all the way to Lysefjord and Flørli. Just enjoy the view all the way down!

Day 2

Flørli – Langavatn

Get ready for an exciting day in beautiful surroundings! The day starts with climbing 4444 steps up the Flørlit stairs. At the top, follow the path to Stavanger Turistforening’s self-catering cottage Langavatn. This is a long trip.

Attendance at Lauvvik quay on Thursday morning. We take a speedboat inland to the fjord to Flørli. From Flørli we start fresh with 4444 steps. Then in hilly mountain terrain to Langavatn tourist lodge (self-service). This is the trip’s heaviest day trip of about 18 km (8-9 hours walking time).

Days 3

Langavatn – Kjerag – Lysebotn

After a few hours of walking from Langavatn, you arrive at what more than 40,000 people apply every year: Kjerag! Do you dare to step out on the bolt? After the kick, follow the main path to Øygardsstøl, where you can take a bus, taxi or hike to Lysebotn, if you prefer not to use your feet down the hairpin bends on the road.

From Langavatn it is a nice and varied trip out to the Kjerag Plateau and the Kjeragbolt. From there we walk the main path to Øygardsstøl where we get a bus or taxi down the slopes to Lysebotn. Approximately 13 km, 7.5 hours walking time.

Day 4

Lysebotn – Songedalen

If you do not mind starting the hike on asphalt for 20 km then you are free to do so, but we recommend taking a taxi from Lysefjorden Turisthytte to where the trail starts in Fyljesdalen. Here you will find a mountain farm that was once a living community for several families. Furthermore, the Daladalen, to another farm, Songedalen, which now functions as a self-catering cottage.

Alternatively, you can take the hutig ferry from Lysebotn to Håheller and follow the unmarked path until you hit the T-marks at Håhellerstølen and on to Songedalen.

From Lysebotn we take a speedboat to the abandoned Håheller large farm. After seeing us about where the hike goes up steeply on the mountain, and then calm down the valley valley to Songesand where we follow the fjord out to the last ascent to Bakken farm. 18 km, 8 hours walking time. Accommodation at newly renovated Bakken farm. More info (note that the tour description does not include the route from Håheller to Songedalen).

Day 5

Songedalen – Bakken

This leg of the Lysefjord adventure takes you past a number of historic farms. The trail goes down towards Songesand where you find, among other things, a quay and have the opportunity to hop on the ferry further. If you want to continue on foot, follow the trail along the fjord and a steep ascent from Bakken quay to Bakken farm.

Last day’s highlights are in line! From Bakken, the hike up the mountain Jumps with magnificent views of the fjord. We can take a detour to Hengjandenibbå on the road, before the trip to the Pulpit again becomes a detour from the main path. Once at Preikestolen mountain lodge, the tour ends with a well-deserved joint dinner. You can choose whether you want to take the bus and ferry back to Lauvvik the same day, or whether you want to spend the night in the lodge for return on your own with public communication the next day. About 15 km, 6 hours walking time.

Day 6

Bakken – Preikestolen Mountain Lodge

Get ready for more highlights on the final stage! From Bakken you pass the old farm Bratteli. From here you continue up the mountain Hoppet. On the way there is a short party where you have to climb around a steep cliff called “Wall of death” by British travel blogger Pete Hawkins. It is not as scary as it sounds, but can be a challenge if you have altitude fright.

As you pass Hoppet you can enjoy the best view of the Lysefjord before taking a detour to the miniature edition of the Pulpit Rock; Hengjandenibbå. Here you can dangle your legs before embarking on the last part of the trip to the Preikestolen Fjellstue. One tip is to put away your luggage before visiting the wonderful and popular Pulpit Rock. Well back at the end of the tour you have earned a better dinner in Preikestolen Fjellstues lovely restaurant!


Price: $1,200 per person

Included in the price
  • Transfer to and from the staring point
  • Accommodation and cabins
  • Camping fees
  • Instruction and master classes by a professional guide
Not included in the price
  • Flight to the country
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Alcohol
  • Snacks

Tip: check available flight tickets at the beginning of 2020.

What to bring

  • Cameras with tripod
  • A wide-angle lens, which works best for the panoramic photography
  • A middle-zoom lens  (24-70 mm)
  • A telephoto zoom lens (600 mm). Recommended for wildlife and bird photography.
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket (consider the average +8 – +15 C)
  • Waterproof pants
  • Warm jacket and thermal pants
  • Warm waterproof boots

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